Vets at Night

24 Hour Emergency Cover

The Pride Veterinary Centre Vets at Night team works on site throughout the evening and night to provide dedicated care to both our hospitalised inpatients and any emergencies. The team of vets and nurses have received further training and are experienced in dealing with emergency and critical care cases. For those who will require us, be rest assured that we will do the utmost to care for your pet.

Our telephones are answered throughout the night by members of the night team and we are happy to give you advice for any emergencies, or arrange an appointment should you need one. If you are requiring emergency care overnight always ring us beforehand so that we can prepare for your arrival and therefore provide the most effective care we can. We can also give you advice on first aid and how to best transport your pet.

It is always best to bring your pet to us for treatment, rather than requesting a home or roadside visit, as we have all the facilities required for emergency care at the practice. For owners who are struggling to arrange transport for their pet we can provide you with an ambulance service to and from the practice. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to take owners in the ambulance.

Combined with our day team we are able to provide dedicated emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For all emergencies, please call 01332 678333

Home Visits and Transportation of Pets
Please be aware that owners are responsible for transporting their animals to our hospital, including in emergency situations, where there is access to a full range of equipment, veterinary medicines and appropriate facilities. Owners are encouraged to think about how they can do this and make plans before an emergency arises. Examples include their own transport, a family member, friend or neighbour, an animal ambulance or a taxi service that will transport animals.

Veterinary surgeons are not obliged to attend away from the practice, unless in their professional judgement it is appropriate to do so. This applies even if owners demand attendance away for the practice or the owner’s personal circumstances mean that they have to make special arrangements to transport their animal to the practice. Where a veterinary surgeon has declined to visit but offered to see the animal at the practice the responsibility for the animal’s welfare rests with the owner.
Out of Hours Charges
(all charges include VAT)

Consultation Out of Hours 
Before Midnight
From Midnight
Small Pet
VAN Practice Admission
Saturday/Sunday day consultation
Euthanasia Out of Hours 
Before 10pm
10pm - midnight
After midnight
Small Animal Weekend (before midnight)
Out of Hours to midnight
Out of Hours after midnight
Home Consults (added to Visit Charge)
Out of Hours to midnight
Out of Hours after midnight
Home Euthanasia (added to Visit Charge)
Out of Hours to midnight
Out of Hours after midnight
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