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E. Anne S. Killick B Vet Med MRCVS – Principal
Anne made her mind up from an early age that she wanted to be a vet. As a 10 year old child she went to Pony Club camp and her instructor was a vet student. She was so impressed by this young man that she decided there and then that one day she too was going to be a veterinary surgeon, just like him, and that is how her story began!
Anne qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1982 and worked in a couple of practices over the next 12 years. Once she had gained sufficient experience she decided to start her own practice and opened Meadowbank in 1994. Initially Anne was more focused on horse work but with time has had a change of heart and now concentrates purely on the small animals – mainly cats, dogs and rabbits.
Anne is passionate about her job and takes great pleasure from getting to know her clients and their pets. She considers it a privilege to be able to help and respects the fact that to the majority of clients “their pet is their pride and joy”.
Outside of work Anne is a keen cyclist who loves to travel. She has had many adventures in different parts of the world, always seeking new and exciting destinations until she fell in love with Pakistan. She arrived by bicycle from China cycling down the Karakorum Highway from Kashgar to Gilgit – having started her journey in Kazakhstan. Anne was so overwhelmed by the majesty of the mountain ranges (Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindu Kush – all in Northern Pakistan)and the warmth and generosity of the local people that she hasn’t wanted to go anywhere else since.
For the last 5 years she has also been granted a veterinary visa allowing her to take veterinary medicine donations with her for use in the livestock in the mountainous areas.
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Carla Etches RVN - Head Nurse

Carla grew up in a family with cats and a dog and had her own small furries “rats, mice and chinchillas” to look after as a child. However her burning desire was to have a pony and she saved up all her pocket money for 2 years until she could afford to look after one – by this time she was almost a teenager! When she left school she initially went to work with horses at a Riding School and Livery Yard before changing direction completely to earn a bit more money.

After a couple of years of waitressing and bar work Carla managed to get a receptionist job in 2006 at a local first opinion veterinary practice. It was here that she decided that being part of the veterinary profession was something she dearly wanted and after 2 years was given the opportunity by the practice to train as a nurse.

She qualified in 2010 passing first time and has never looked back since working in both emergency out of hours and Referral practices. Carla also spent 5 months travelling around Australia and worked for 6 weeks of that time in 3 different practices.

Carla joined the Meadowbank team in November 2015 as the Head Nurse and is in charge of the day to day running of the practice as well as training the students. She is passionate about raising owner awareness of healthy lifestyles for their pets and runs weight clinics by appointments in the afternoons. Carla likes to keep her hand in with the nursing requirements of emergency patients so occasionally works shifts at the weekends for Vets Now.

Outside of work Carla and her boyfriend are renovating their first house - having spent 2 years living in a caravan in a field while they saved up. Carla has a bouncy Labrador and 2 rescue cats but is frequently taking on waifs and strays to rehome.
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Alice Coupe – Student Veterinary Nurse

Since she was a small child Alice has always been keen on animals and animal welfare. However she found academic work at school difficult and never thought she could become a veterinary nurse one day.

A school friend introduced her to Meadowbank when a training position became available in 2012. By September 2013 she was enrolled with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a student veterinary nurse and started with Bottle Green Training on a day release basis.

The path to date has not been smooth but Alice has never given up hope. Due to an error by City and Guilds, the awarding body for the veterinary nursing qualification, Alice’s training was put on hold for a year but thankfully it is now back on track. Alice is determined to qualify and realise her dreams whatever the obstacles put in her way!

Alice lives with her boyfriend and her little pug Ollie. They have recently started renting their own house and one pre-requisite was that the garden was large enough for her guinea pigs to have at least an acre of space for their personal recreation!! Since moving in Alice has also adopted a stray cat so her menagerie is growing.
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Jessica Fell –Student Veterinary Nurse

Jess is the youngest member of the Meadowbank team, joining straight from school. She has always been animal mad and between her, her family and her grandmother, had a collection of guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and a dog. Most of the guinea pigs and rabbits were rescued by Jess and her gran, whereas they used to breed ferrets.

It had always been Jess’s dream to become a qualified veterinary nurse and she had thought of doing the qualification via the university route. However when the opportunity to take a training position arose at Meadowbank Jess jumped at the chance. It appeals much more to her to learn on the job and even better if she can get her qualification without having to take out a student loan.

Jess is a student veterinary nurse and was enrolled with the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons in  2016. She is now in her 2nd year studying with Bottle Green Training and is at college one day a week. 

In her spare time Jess is a keen horticulturist. and she loves growing all different types of vegetables. She also keeps ducks and chickens on her allotment and enjoys breeding them.
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Amanda Stirland – Accounts Manager

Amanda has been Accounts Manager at Meadowbank Veterinary Surgery since 2005. Her main responsibilities include the day to day accounts, book keeping and payroll.
She has plenty of experience within this field having worked for a variety of companies including a plastics manufacturer and a marketing company before joining Meadowbank. Amanda generally works one day a week at Meadowbank but also takes the books home with her to fit in a few extra hours as necessary.

Amanda has a very busy life since she has 2 children, the youngest of which is “horse mad” just like her mother. They have a horse and 2 ponies which they keep on  DIY livery basis. This means that Cliff, Amanda’s husband, always knows where the girls are if they’re not at home – they must be playing horses again! They also have 2 cats and 9 chickens.

Amanda has done some freelance instructing in the past having obtained her BHS stages 1 and 2, PTT and an NVQ level 2 in horse care and knowledge but nowadays with 2 book keeping jobs and 2 children there is little time for anything else.
Billi - The Boss

He joined the Meadowbank team as a kitten and was soon fast tracked to become “The Boss”. He thinks this is because he is very particular, quite demanding, has a 100% attendance record and knows how to keep his staff on their toes!

However as you can see from some of the pictures on his page he also makes the most of his “breaks” – quality rest is also important for good health. He is on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week and he doesn’t like holidays – they upset his routine and he is a creature of habit.

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